Coke Bottle

Ok, I have done this a very long time ago, I didn’t do a good job but… I think this time I got it better.

Ok dont get angry… but id say its pritty damn bad…

dont get disheartened…

What you realy need is a good backdrop and to alter the glass… maby use raytrans to a high LOD

apart from that… its well textured and the penguin is very cute



Ya, I have been trying to alter the glass to make it better… but I can’t seem to get it just about right :(, I guess I will try the bottle again.

dont be sad… materials take years to perfect the skill of making them… the model is sound… but unfortunatly thats not what most people see
try these settings (found on some tutorial…)

Alpha: 0.1
Color: White

Reflectivity: 0.2
Specularity: 1.5
Hardness: 511
Translucency: 1
Ambient: 0.5
Emit: 0

Mirror Trasp
Ray Mirror: enabled
Ray Mirror: 0.2

Ray Transparency: enabled
IOR (angular index of refraction): 1.37

I’m gonna assume you used a liquid for the drink and I believe that if you used sss it would look a lot better.

nope :stuck_out_tongue: I wish I knew.

Theres no shame in that… you can claim… as there new features… you hadnt got round to checking them out… (that doesnt work if you claim modeling is a new feature though… ((DAMN))))

im sure there was a better one than that… all i can find now… check that out… its alot of fun when you get to know it…

sss is just under the materials… there should be a tab called SSS (if not… update blender)) and theres loads of presets to play around with… go crazy…