Coke Bottle

Took few hours to make this, and I’m actually quite happy about the plastic material. There is no post-pro, only the address on bottom.

looks nice :slight_smile:

Nice, but the plastic needs some work (in my opinion) and theres definitely not enough light. Is that Yafray or Blender Internal?

It’s BI, forgot to mention… Oh and ya, there is no light at all.

Yeah, you need lights. And then the plastic shader needs work IMO. It’s not specular enough.

Here is another render of it, by the way, don’t know wich is better.

the one above it better in my opion

Second one is definitely an improvement.

Yeah the new one is much better, can still use some work but definitely an improvement :wink:

The second one is better. Also the cap model needs work. IMHO the riffles are to coarse make them finer and add more.