Coke Bottle

Hi, masters… This is my project 6 hours ago…
Here’s the statistic:
Full Global Illumination (Cycles), Branched Path Tracing
38 minutes 5.3 seconds

256 AA Samples
4 Diffuse Samples
8 Glossy Samples
8 Transmission Samples
1 AO Sample
8 Mesh Light Samples
1 Subsurface Sample

CPU: i7-2600
GPU: GeForce GTX560

(I post the compressed quality due to slow connection)
Comments and Critiques are open…

not bad. Need to work on the lighting a bit. See how the edge of your bottle is lost in the background? In commercial photography they taught me to light behind the glass not the glass itself. You will need an additional lights because your glass has a logo on it, but the other lights need to be set up first. Once you have that rim light, light the logo on the glass, you may have to balance the light at that point, but begin with the rim lighting. Here is a lighting set up you might want to try. It is a two light set up, but you will need four because of your logo. The other two light will be positioned in front of the glass.

see how the lights are positioned behind the glass object. That is what creates the rim reflection outlining the glass, and it will also help with the amber color showing through the back of your glass. Aim the spots at the bounces and not the black background or the bottle. The light will bounce and hit the edges of your bottle. Remember to start with the lights behind the bottle first, shut the lights you have set up already off until you achieve the rim light effect.

Photography books give tips like this. I suggest finding one that has lots of lighting examples.

Edit: The diagram doesn’t have the key light and fill light in the front, but it should be there for the logo.

Here is a link to some images with the result you need to achieve. Ignore the Photoshop tut and just look at how the photo of the bottle looks with the rim lighting.

your links are great! thank you for searching it…

Here is a better link. Shows you step by step how to get a great looking glass bottle against a black background.

“your links are great! thank you for searching it…”
oops! I thought you gave me two links… haha… sorry for that mistype.

thank you for the new link!