Coke machine

YouTube animation

First thing, this is 100% copied off of Ian Hubert’s example in his great world building presentation
His technique of using image textures to drive a simple model this is a massive time saver and quite fun.

Could’ve put in a little more work with extruding the buttons on the machines but overall this is great. I first came across Ian when he posted some art of a taco truck. When I found out that majority of the stuff he makes is actually uv unwrapped, he made me realize how simple Blender can be and that u dont always have to go for photo realism. This technique will be really handy when it come to making animated films and what-not. Saves a tremendous amount of time…

Oh yeah, I put very little effort in the machine. It started out as “let’s see how he did that coke machine in his presentstion”, like a proof of concept and then I decided to do the rest an animate. If I were to give it a little more effort, I’d find a better image too.

You are right, the time savings is massive and that’s important to a casual guy who doesn’t have a lot of free time for blender. A project that only take a few hours is something I’ll do but I wont take on a 20 hour project, I’ll get frustrated that it’s taken a month to get half done and then quite. These lazy tutorials are the best. Working on one from the moth tutorial right now actually.

gg :ok_hand: