hi this is my work .

please give me comments


please give me comments

Ok, the bottle looks good.
The rest of the scene does not.

Is there anything specific you want to know?

i was kinda hoping to make it more realistic. does anyone have any suggestions?

Well, the bottle is pretty well modelled. You might want to try adding some detail to the label texture (if you look, there’s lines under the Coca-Cola® logo)

Whatever it is shadowing needs TraShadow turned on in the material settings.

The bottle does look a bit solid. Either your IOR is up too high or you have no normals facing the other way inside the bottle – you cannot fix this with setting adjustment, you need to model the inside of the bottle as well.

Apart from that, your could try using Yafray (or some other caustic-capable raytracer, but Yafray is easy because you can just select “Yafray” for the renderer and press render, and it goes - after yafray’s installed of course) and adding caustics

looks good but I agree it looks a little solid. Are you planning on putting coke in the bottle or leaving it empty?

i don’t know how to use yafray what is it? sorry im new to blender

There is where you can get it. I don’t know how to put what it is into words the best.

Yafray is an alternative to the internal renderer, that has a Blender plugin (as far as I’m aware the only renderer plugin, but I could be wrong). See its site for more info.
I wouldn’t bother just for now until you’re compfortable with blender’s material settings. Everything in Yafray will look wrong.

Mostly for now I’d go with turn on trashadow on that ground plane, and fixing up the solid-lookingness of the bottle.

yes i will leave it empty. but the bottom looks really like a plastic . any suggestions?
im more concerned with the model rather than the scene

If you want really good looking glass
then go with Indigo.
Check out the Glassware in the gallery.

I would suggest YafRay but I ran into problems
with it creating strange artifacts at the point where the glass
touches the floor or ground.

so there really is no way for me to make it more realistic other than using indigo?
about the yafray what is the benefit of using it against a normal internal renderer of blender?

As you are going for realism, you need to look at something similar that is real. Observe the details of what makes the real object/scene real, and apply those observations to your project.

It’s not some technical process created directly from some magic renderer, it’s about SEEING what is making something look real and then using the tools at hand to create that look.

Break it down one little bit at a time using the process of Observation, Deduction, and Application.

observation: my observation of the glass sitting on the table next to me includes the fact that my cat (and some of my living room) is visible reflected on the surface.

deduction: to make a 3d model of this glass look real, I would need to include a reflected view of the environment surrounding the glass, and that reflection would have to be as “real” as anything else in the scene.

application: there are several ways to do this in Blender… environment maps, ray traced reflections of modeled objects or images applied to the world environment. The “how to’s” for each method are readily available from this forum and the Blender Wiki.

Do this step-by-step for each observation you make, observe carefully, be patient about doing each step and you WILL have the realism you desire. :slight_smile:

And remember, it’s ALL a cheat. In the above application I would not actually MODEL my cat unless she was a primary object in the scene with the glass.