Although I dislike Coke very much, this is a great image.

Could be a little more contrast between the bottle and the backdrop, or possibly a re-position of the fill light in the back to give the edge of the bottle a little more highlight.

Looks like you used either a very wide and high point light for the main light, or a thin emission strip, can’t tell. The lighting seems a bit off on the cubes, although the material looks spot on.

Good stuff.

Makes me thirsty! I think the backdrop should perhaps be a bit of brighter red. Make the bottle stand out more and be more typical of Coke’s usual colors. The dark red seems more reminiscent of Cherry Coke, though.

Thank you very much for your critique! I do not drinke coke myself but the bottle is just an awesome design piece, that I just had to make a render with it! :smiley: I used two angled thin strips to light the bottle. Regarding the ice cubes, I think I should have rendered it separately with another lighting setup.