100% Blender & Cycles


Add some bubbles to the cola :wink:
Other than that i can see i really like it

I love both Blender and Ubuntu!
But I really think you give the whole scene some saturation.
Great Work.:slight_smile:

…with a bit of Ubuntu bringing it together =) sweet!

Very nice, good job.

For me the glass in the bottles is too perfect. A few bubles in the glass of cola would be a nice addition. The bottle cap, the crimping holding it on the bottle should be more pronounced and sharper.

Are you aware that there actually is an Ubuntu Cola? It’s nothing to do with the Linux distro but gets its name from the same place

Very Nice :slight_smile:
I’ll buy some bottles

Very good job.

I would put some imperfections in the bottle, remember it’s glass. Is not glass. So please take some edges of the mold. On the other hand I do not see the meniscus of the liquid. In addition they would fall well that this very cold and dew drops on the bottle and glass. Without forgetting bubbles and some foam.


delicious I like it

I’ve added some bubbles :slight_smile:


Now bubbles are too many (and too small).
Bel lavoro, Filippo. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t it I were you, it’s not that nice. But then again, don’t buy Coca Cola, because they’re eeeevil. The dilemma of a coke drinker…

nice Render guy…Awesome!