Hi friends my job is finished modelled and textured in blender, gimp for postpro and rendered in internal blender.

Higres resolution

some my steps



WOW, that is absolutely amazing!!! To the gallery!!! Rendertime?

I definately agree, how did you get look on the flowers?

Leto atrell took the words out of my mouth. Nothing more to add.

some particolar

thankyou guis “sorry my english”
@letro atrell, the render time is 5 minutes, but i have subdivided the model in some render, and finally rendered all the model.
Sorry my english!



how big poly count?

It’s wonderful. This should go in the gallery.

Fantastic, the lightining of the edges of the flowers kind of gives off a microscope image feeling. Color and detail are great though. How long did it take to render?

Grazie 1000 guys
@ lechu 3106851 vertex!

@ otto riis i have rendered with the internal render, about 8 minutes of calculation “do not remember” with AO at resolution 4000 x 5600 pixel, i have rendered at step my layer and composite!!
“many polygons in my model”
Sorry my english!!

Oh, I actually just noticed those little ants in the flowers as well. This is such a nicely detailed and life like picture.

Great work.

The shading, texturing and lighting in this piece is phenomenal.

This one is superb !

Modeling, texturing, lighting, attention to detail … just beautiful.

Did you achieve the iridescent feathers through photographic textures or some special material tricks ?

Hi thank you very much for your comments…thank you

Loramel i use for the bird photo texture and color ramp shder, look here

Bravo! That is superb :slight_smile:

thats pure art… congratulations, it’s beautiful

Wonderful! I love hummingbirds.

Impressively realistic!

The modeling, texturing and shading are astounding! The level of detail is impressive, this picture is vibrating of life.

Oh yeah, to the gallery :yes:

Congratulations man!
GREAT job!

very very nice and amazing, i think thats the next 2.5 logo thing.

Oh my!!! This is the second time (after 4 years) that I have been breath-taken this much! 1st time is after seeing @ndy’s frog still image. Geez, I got so inspired after seeing this! Definitely a 2.5 splash screen must-have! :slight_smile:

Awesome job! Really really awesome!