thank you very much, I am honored of your comments

some texture, “colibrì in italian lenguage… hummingbirds in english lenguage” :wink:

eyes diffuse

paw diffuse

manipuled in gimp!! :wink:

the bee texture

Addome diffuse

head diffuse

torso diffuse

wings bee normal

manipuled in gimp!

and the texture flower

“pistilli” pistils diffuse

manipuled in gimp

jawdropping awesomeness… gallery stuff, no doubt. :wink:

Wow! You worked on every detail.Absolutely stunning.

Awesome! Breathtaking! Beautiful! I think I will just stare at it for a few more minutes. Wonderful piece of art! :yes:

Absolutely fantastic indeed!***** Thanks for sharing too! \o/

The best blender image i have seen in a very long time. 5 stars :smiley:

Beautiful work. Amazing quality and level of detail. Many subtle details to make it look realistic.

Love the texturing and shading, the colors…

That’s Blender in the right hands.


Absolutely gorgeous!

beautiful work , I love the color pallette.
Keep it up

Amazing! Great image!


Go On , …

Great job!

Ok, i know im the firt that critics that work.
Why does that colibri has a motionblur and the bees do not have any, oO?
after i discoer that it looked alot like they where just layed over the image.

thats all from my side of critics.
However this is still Perfection like work. GJ!

woah :eek:
that’s possibly the best blender render i’ve seen ever.
be sure to submit it to the gallery and cgsociety forums too!
well deserved 5 stars

Equal, I think it has motion blur but the humming bird doesn’t, is because the hummingbirds wings move SO MUCH faster than the bees. So fast that they HUMMM!

Just beautiful! The texturing and compositing are amazing!

This is the best Image I have seen in a very long time!
I love hummingbirds…

Well done! This image is awesome.
I love the detail.