Colin McRae RIP

Hi all

A few days ago, Colin McRae, rallyemaster, died during a a helicopter flight.
Unfortuneatly his son, Johny and a friend of him (also another friend of Colin died in the crash as well)

Drop your condolences or you two cents

He didn’t make it to the 40th.

And don’t be sarcastic about the crash.

Oh man, when I saw this post I was just like “what?!” I mean I used to watch him race in WRC in the SPEED Channel a while back, I saw him in the X-games, wow, this is tough. His son and his family members will be missed.

Collin McRae Thanks for the memories… RIP. His legacy will live on…

RIP Colin! :frowning:

I have no idea who he is, though my first name is Colin, so I clicked.

It’s always sad when someone well known dies unexpectedly. My condolences to the remaining family.

I was gutted when i heard this. Colin Mcrae was the man who made every boy racer drool for the royal blue subaru with golden wheels. R.I.P.

He was to offroad as schumacher was to track. The greatest rally driver ever!

One step closer to tracking you and setting up camp in your bushes.

ya same here

who is he anyways?

He realy was the best rally pilot there was. to bad he died in such an accident. If I were to be him, and I had to die, I’d be in a race.

he’s been an idol since I was a little boy, and I’ve played all his games.

such a shame