Colision Mixed with animation Trouble.

Hey I got blender prolly 4 mounths ago, i have am trying to sort of replicate Descent if anyone here is familiar with that game…
i have a L shaped hall and the Player is a ship that is hovering due to the rotdamp thing under the actor button. {sorry forgot the name} i can shoot and i have 3 enimys that when i come near they track to me and open fire. after taking several hits i die, and i can kill them as well. i am pleased but i have one giant problum that is reely makeing me crasy. both i and the enimys go throgh the walls if while we our going forward into a wall we also slide sideways. i have a animation from a single bone inside the ship so it will slowly bob up and down. so for colision detection i made the armiture and the ship ‘no colision’ and instead used a parented box as the way to stop going throgh walls. it works somewhat but like i said if i go forward and side ways at the same time it will let me slide right out of the hall.
i have looked at all kinds of differant ways of moveing online, linV, all that stuff and i cant seam to get it right. not sure if i am makeing sence or not but hopfully if someone reads this you can help me out somehow. i have blender Version 2.49b i believe. i just dont know what else to due so please help me lol