Collaborate on a minigames type game

My plan is to find creative people to create a minigame type game, keeping it simple at the beggining and then analyzing what we can improve. I have some ideas and if you have some of your own that would be great, my plan is to work together and do brainstorming.

I`m a 3d modeller and know a little bit about unreal/unity, I would need 3d modellers, at least one animator and someone that knows any game engine well (tho we can work in this together, preferably unreal).

If you are interested, explain shortly what you can/would like to do and leave your discord user.

Here is my ArtStation:

Have a good day!

You might get some more replies if you also post the skills you have and what projects you have done before.


Hey, I’m a concept artist who use blender for some grease pencil artworks, 2.5D… WOuld love to create some indie games.
here is my artstation link:

hola que tal estoy interesado en este poyecto soy modelador no soy experto pero tengo conocimentos del tema

Hey Maicol, whats up? Any type of experience is welcome here! Send me a private message with your discord user and I`ll contact you.

What type of minigame are you looking at making? (horror, RPG, Shooter, detective,etc)

Mostly are fast paced simplistic shooters, and others more puzzle/strategy like. But Im open to other genres for sure.

I’d be interested in helping, but I’m only just getting started with coding in game engines and I’m learning mostly Godot right now. I’m pretty proficient with concept art and cover design though.

Thats ok, it will work. Just send me your discord and I`ll contact you!

Hey man!
This is Simha I’m 3D Animator who’s working as a freelancer now. I’ll drop my discord username below and Let’s get connected!

Hey whats up? Great, I`ll add you!