Collaboration call for a 60-90 seconds short animation

Hi all,


  • short film of 90 seconds total
  • a slow-ride coaster going through different sections/worlds
  • each section a different theme
  • stylistic
  • simple animation, see the reference video below

The longer read

First of, I’m brand new in this forum, read the rules and the guides.

I’m looking for artists interested in doing a collaboration. This is a passion project without monetary pay.

You might think, “oh nooo one of those again, probably will never be completed like the gazillion of other community-driven projects”. Well I can tell you right now, I’m not a fan of those mismanaged projects either, especially with my formal background in project management - I want to get things done. So even though I can’t guarantee, you can hold me accountable for approaching this as a real project.

The 60-90 seconds short I love to make would be in the same style as this one:

Very stylistic, continuous movement, with around 70% static objects and 30% moving objects. I figured this could all be done in Blender, with the editing done in a film editor program, along with graphics, sound and music.

A few key points I like to focus on: simplicity, so no trees with a million leaves, no complex human/animal animation that require weeks to rig and another few weeks to animate, modular approach, basically every scene is made from start to finish, so when we lose artists in the longer term we all have final scenes for our portfolio.

For communication I’m thinking of: Google Docs, Discord, Dropbox.

In terms of commitment, I have no idea how your real lives look like but like to try working with it. You expect a serious managed project and team as deserved for the effort, energy, and time you put in, in return I expect the same.

Having said that, I prefer having a small team of maybe 20 artists max, which is more feasible in terms of productivity and planning.

By now you must think “… ehhh and who are you?”. I’m familiar with Blender and did some abstract art in the past, but noticed that I’m really not creative enough to think of cool designs from blank. So I switched to film production as a passionate hobby, mainly as a colorist/editor. For this project I like to brainstorm with all artists to come up with the different ‘worlds’ that consists of 1-3 scenes, and make the final edit, along with color-grading, adding licensed music.

If you are interested, feel free to PM me. Thank you for your time.