Collaboration in Web Festival -June 2005-

Hello, I work with Blender and love it. I want invited you to MidSummerEve WebFest is a virtual fest, will be only in Internet, then we like invite people around the world to join it. Anyone with Internet access can enjoy it!

Webfest is about new art plus new media plus new licenses… we believe that Creative Commons are better in a digital era and FreeSoftware/OpenSource let artist work in a deeper way (see, for example). We like promote licenses like CopyLeft, GNU/GPL, Creative Commons and others that promote free diffusion of culture, without exclude CopyRights.

MidSummer Eve Webfest is an event coordinated by OrganicaDTM Design Studio, creators of OpenPuppets ( -with limited edition plushies-), CejasBravas and 3Angels.

Visitors will be able to download music, films, wallpapers, software; to
chat with artists and companies to know it better; to participate in network
games; etc.

Collaborate in webfest artists and companies (producers, magazines,
stores, ?) of areas like:

? VideoJays
? Free / Indie music
? Designer Toys (plush, vinyl, …)
? Free Software / Open Source
? Media, Blogs, Podcast & VideoBlogging
? E-Art / Net-Art
? Free / Indie films
? Free / Indie books
? Free / Indie RolePlayer Games
? Free / Indie PC Games
? Story tellers

An international festival, where visitors are protagonists. All information
will be available in English and Spanish and will remain published in Internet of indefinite time, allowing that many people can enjoy its content.
MidSummer Eve Web Festival will have an annual regularity.

We like that you upload some information of your work to our site (20 May 2005 will be ready final website) and talk with visitors in an online chat, explaining what you do. You choose day and time to your online chat session, any time between 24 and 26 june.

You can read more about WebFest,, please read our PDF file with complete information.

You can help us to promote the event too or invite new artist/companies/people to join the webfest or talk with companies for be sponsors…

Thanks and wait your reply.

Carolina Gonzalo Mellado
OrganicaDTM Design Studio

Calle Bethencourt Alfonso, nº 2, Edificio Trianon, piso 5, centro.
38001. Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Canary Islands. Spain