Collaboration: Modeler/animator wanted for gladiator themed mobile game

Hello artists!

With a small group we’re working on a mobile game, it’s going good so far, but we’re looking a modeller+animator. Here is some basic info about the project, the team, what we search and what we offer.

The goal
Let me start by summarizing our goal. We would like to create a fast paced fighting game for mobile. Think about something like Smash Brothers Melee, I used to play that game for hours on the gamecube and when I think back to it, I catch myself smiling every time. With the technology of today, we could create a game like this on Smartphone. Also, after doing some research I really think there is a market for this.

So, who am I?
My name is Kevin Vermaat, 23 years old and living in the Netherlands. At the moment I am working full-time as a software developer. This project is indeed a side project for me, however don’t let that fool you as to my enthusiasm and motivation to create this game. I have a lot of programming experience with languages such as C#, Java and PHP. However, I don’t picture myself programming during this project, in next paragraph you will understand why. Over the course of the past month I have been planning and fleshing out my initial concept, which I would like to continue doing and, with the help of a small team (perhaps 3 - 5 people), develop it into a fun and unique mobile game. My role will be game design, story writing, testing and marketing.

Who Else?
Sebastian – a skilled programmer who is also very motivated to work on this project. He has a few years of experience in game development and has worked on several projects. Sebastian’s role: lead programmer.

What are we looking for?
We’re looking for a 3d modeler/animator who is motivated to work with us in bringing this idea to fruition. If you are able to unwrap and texture your own models that would be a huge plus! We would like to give you more details, but don’t want to reveal everything here!
You don’t need to have all the time of the world since we are not setting a deadline for this game’s completion, but a minimum of 10 hours a week for the projects is required.

We are still experimenting with a number of graphical styles, but we are quite interested in utilizing a fairly simple, almost cube-based aesthetic, mixed with some aspects of Team Fortress’ graphical style.

What do we offer?
We offer you a share in the income when the game is released (depended on how many hours is devoted to the project), or we discuss a price for the models and every time a model is finished, a transaction (paypal) is done to your account. The choice is yours.

If you like to join our small team, add me on skype: kevin.vermaat
I will ask a few basic questions and if you have some models from previous work that would be great.


We offer you a share in the income when the game is released (depended on how many hours is devoted to the project),
Deferred Payment = moved to Jobs / Volunteer Work

Sorry didn’t know. However the choice is for the modeller, it is a paid job if they want it to be. Anyway, apologies :wink: