Collaboration on Graphic Design or 3D models for 3D design game

If you click-and -design something in the 3D game I posted below, please post a picture here?

If this is too easy for you; children love this due to the easy learning curve! Check it to make sure it is safe (or trust me, it is safe) and let your children develop an interest in design!

The 3D design game is used to design WHATEVER using 3D Tetrahedral blocks (possible contributed by you). There are already many blocks contributed to the game (by me).

The design/assembly game can showcase 3D artists and graphic artists work and acts as a hook to draw in potential sales. IP (see our online licence) that you contribute stays your property and may be sold via the website, starting April 2020. There are templates to guide designers according to the specifications.

Any 3d artists, graphic designers or manufacturers who contribute will earn commission from sales of their work. You will need to spend some time on playing around with the game to see what users will experience.
If you do graphic design, you start with the template from

If you do 3D design, your building blocks should fit into the templates below to be able to build with it in the game. or
If we sell your design then you will earn commission from the sales. But as an alternative, the templates are open sourced by me and you may sell your own products as you please as well. Basically just get a printer and you are in business.

We will print using a company that will die-cut the TetraPlikes so that the customer does not have to cut the designs before assembly.

These are screenshot of some of the blocks with texture graphics.
Uplifting Save the world blocks:

Space Junkyard:

SpaceShip design by clicking blocks to assemble!