Collaboration with the Durian Team!

Yeah, that’s really exciting!

To collaborate with the Durian team is exciting for sure! Now for the first time (well, at least on that scale) we’ll be able to collaborate with an excellent Artists located in Amsterdam! :yes:

I just hope that they will involve a Huuuge number of Blenderheads, not just 8 or so… :o Yeah, this project is Epic in many aspects already anyway. :eyebrowlift:

So, what do you think, how to do that best!?

Please try to think BIG, but also INSPIRATIONAL! We have one CD just enough for the balance i guess. :wink:

Yeah, like a famous quote say:
“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

Don’t we need more details as to form and format of needed content? The announcement sounded rather preliminary. There are of course some wide sweeping categories ,foliage, domestic, wild and mythological creatures wandering about, willagers,merchants, carts, castles. But will they be taking models? Ton said textures. I am sure that they will come out with more defining info soon, exciting development indeed!

Basically I think it is a VERY great idea :yes:! The only thing that’s kind of an issue: How to make sure that the models are made entirely with Blender? This is an open source project and it wouldn’t be in the spirit of the open source community if someone would offer for example models that were made in ZBrush.

sounds great
although I really hope they set a high standard for the quality of accepted community created objects

Agree with the standard. Gotta be high, and must be high, for the quality of the project and the legions of blender artists willing to help… Statistic works well there: must be very possible they recieve super hi quality samples… I think this is just a very first general announce of a decission taken. But they surely need, as said, to polish and detail the petition as they go(surely is the plan…)… IMO…well, I have always thought it plays well with the main philosophy… full comunity involvement. But hi quality requirements (and ppl be humble to see their work non acepted: wont mean the work is bad, it may just not fit, and I guess they’ll be reviewing loads plus making the project tasks… I remember reviewing portfolios in certain place, and you end up very tired togeteher with game or whatever work…) and yet solid direction/integration control is imo a total must ('cause if not this things do not work but all the opposite. I am absolutely sure they know this really well. ) (however, that’s ensured :wink: ) I put myself in the shoes of the team,(even being so amazingly tallented) and man, what a mountain of work they have over their shoulders… (euh, feel like have no right even to give an in depth opinion, tho…)

Maybe they should setup an FTP with folders for every object that they may need. Artists could then upload their models, having their name in the file title (for credits), and then the Durian team can choose what would fit.

Basically I think it is a VERY great idea ! The only thing that’s kind of an issue: How to make sure that the models are made entirely with Blender? This is an open source project and it wouldn’t be in the spirit of the open source community if someone would offer for example models that were made in ZBrush.
Good point. I model in Wings (as if I had the time, lol…) That’s open source, but BSD and not blender… So I guess…the textures gotta be made only in Gimp. Not a big issue (photoshopper and other stuff, here.)

ftp+later selection, good idea. What am jealous about is they’re in my favourite city of the world: Amsterdam… yummy… (posting so much here as I really like this project… So, any bit about it, is interesting to read. And am an absolute fan of Angela and Ben’s work. (the others, I’d be, but I don’t know a thing (a bit ignorant of the great mega pros of blender community, even after all these years.))) Another idea could be reduce the quantity of what is needed(after all is a short movie done by an extremely small team (while being of that quality)) and use some clever trick… even 2d only… Euh,…who knows. Could be the beguining of something. If this system would work well, allowing a quality selection of meshes and stuff contributed, the power on this idea is amazing. Think of a ‘render farm’ but in terms of mesh making, textures, animations. Now, that could be a royal open movies factory. The key , hard to solve here, is selection,(open movies wont convince the world if they don’t keep the quality like till now) avoid conflicts (is more a matter of maturity of contributors, besides self pursuit of perfection) and most of all, organization of all…But while Ton is in this, all ensured. :slight_smile: .Ahem, I guess they just need some meshes or textures, that’s all, lol.

I like the idea, but it could be very risky. You might get someone uploading a model that they downloaded from the web and staking claim to it just to get credit in the movie, with no way to check it’s validity all sorts of legal issues could arise an possibly law suits.
Much better to get a trusted selection of people from the community with proven skills and a mandatory work in progress thread for each model submitted.

Maybe it should be required that timelapse recordings be made of the model’s creation in Blender. Sounds crazy, but it would totally eliminate the question of which software was used to create the model. Plus, it would generate a nice pool of timelapse videos for the community. Maybe the timelapse videos, of accepted models, could be added to the DVD as bonus content.

It would be the ultimate open project if everyone on the Durian team recorded their work in Blender, Gimp, etc. This could then be another e-shop “Making Of…” product. I doubt that they would have time to process all of that for the movie’s dvd, but it would be a nice thing to have come out a few weeks after the dvd.

oh yeah, that would be totally awesome!
can’t wait to apply for collaboration !

Much faster and easier:
Have all contributors sign a standard legally binding form that states it is their own work, that they give permission for its use under licence X and that they only used {insert_acceptable_software_here} to create it. No form = no use or credit. Simple.

From the Durian blog:

Doesn’t 2.5 have a history stack now? Wouldn’t that be a simpler solution than a time-lapse or the “I made it with blender” agreement? Just specify that each model be submitted in a .blend with complete construction history. Or would that be impractical for some reason (I have no idea)?

Ha, I really like that idea! A .blend with complete construction history! Cool, although I would also like to see an “off” option for it (you know, to save the space… :slight_smile:

But that’s probably already postponed, i guess… like Verse & else… but that’s just my guessing…

I was going to ask about the history stack myself. Also if the models are going to be in the same scene/story how do do you get a consistent style going with a mob working on it.
Although perhaps the starwars bar kind of mishmash would work.

already have undo, i think 2.5 is unlimited, which means all the way back to “delete cube”.

I just looked at Joomla and the Remository plug-in…looking at other DAMs now (I havent revisited that subject since my book)

But that (instead of blendiac’s proposal of a signed electronic document/license) would leave out models done with (tho textures are left out then also? I suppose most here do them with Gimp / PS ) other open source modeler, and imported/finished in Blender. Has its reason and sense, (project is a way to show blender capability) though, I don’t complain.

Sorry guys, but I just couldn’t resist. dunno why, maybe because it’s a fool Moon here today… :smiley:


Sloppy mouse, Gimp & Fancy Durian Concept…

geez man this is fantastic work! well done