Hello everyone,

I’m new here and really don’t know much about drawing (freehand or on the computer). But I love to write. My writing is a bit unusual and I would love to collaborate with someone (or some group). Maybe we could put a few things on youtube or maybe you know some contest that would be cool to enter. It would promote your skill, my skill and our websites. I have a lot of poems and short stories that need to be illustrated. You can check out some of my stuff at But here are a couple examples of my poetry (which are really short stories):

In Memory…

She said she’d come… our plans were laid
She promised… but only the soldiers came
So, I stand alone… simply betrayed
I stand with only… the memory of her name

Salacious howls approach me
With sharp swords… to tear me apart
But I’m blind to all… but memory
Of a name… which breaks my heart

Sweet love I called… to a ghost in my head
In response to the cuts… from all around
Her name on my tongue… as I bled
Her memory with me… as I hit the ground

With only one thought… I died there
In memory of a name… that didn’t care

The Magic Circle

I stand in the circle with horror so near
Beasts and demons pound the ground
They cry out vibrations of pain and fear
And fill the night with threatening sounds

Around the air forever foul
Vomit sweat and nightmares
Locked in walls of gruesome growls
With mirrored reflections of my despair

From powerful curses they were born
Leaving all they cross with only regret
Returning to where the circle was drawn
What one does give one does get

They return the horror, which I gave
And I step out of the circle and into the grave

You may want to run your poems through a plain-text editor to strip away the formatting before posting them here. This software doesn’t support these kinds of options, so as you can see, it has rendered your poems unreadable.

I also have a book that I’ve written that I would like to turn into a comic book or POD Cast/Comic book.
If any are interested maybe we can work together.

I might be interested since I have some time on my hands. I can draw anything on paper and then model and animate it. Hope you know more about compositing than I do and maybe we could come up with something spectacular…

That’s Great! Let me send you an e-book of my book. You can give it a read and then we can see if this is something you’d be interested in. My personal email address is [email protected]. Give me an email for you and I’ll give you a link to download the book.