collaborative movie.

I m looking for some people who d like to work on a short movie. i got the story it will be quite short. i m looking for a story boarder in first time. i suppose i could do it alone but it a lot less should be around 2 mn.
If you are french it will be easier but i dont mind.

Perhaps you should give more information. Do you want a really good storyboard artists, or someone who can just draw stick figures? What is the story about? Do you have a start on it? People may want to know more before they get started on something.

the story is a really short story.
there is 3 characters and few decor . the action take place in the indian jungle.
A white man is going with an indian man into the forest looking for butterfly. and guess what? they meet a tiger.
and too escape a tiger you need to climb on a thin three. because tiger can’t folow you.
i m still working on the end, because 2 men on a thin three and a tiger below can end in a lot of different way. And thats part of the job.
I dont want to do a long movie. I want a short, dense, well animated movie. I almost got my rig for the characters. and modeling will not be too hard. but a bit long because of the jungle part.
I need to work with people because i want to do a collaborative work. It will certainly help to get the job done.
here is a quick sketch