Collaborative plugin that allows multiple users to model in the same enviroment

(Famro ) #1

Is there a plugin that allows multiple users to connect to a single enviroment hosted through a host computer in which users get to add-on to certain parts of models and other connected users get to see those models created in real time?

(sozap) #2

There was an attempt of something like that ( at the time of Elephant Dream) but it doesn’t worked well…

taken from here :

IMO, until a really proper solution is made it’s better to stick to old school methods for collaborative work on the same scene. Also it may be a bit odd to have some part of the scene that pops/update here and there. Also I guess this also takes computer resources so it’s maybe not suited for a big scene.

What you can do however, is to split the environment in several groups each one in one .blend file. On each blend you link other groups . Also you can have a full assembly .blend file were every group is linked.
Then each collaborator can work on his/her .blend and at each time he/she reload his file it will update the groups.

It’s a bit tedious to manage, but if you really need several people working on the same environment it’s a safe way of doing things, no addons needed …