Collaborative WIP: David is out!

Thanks! I’m on fire! haha, well… not but I am enjoin it!

So I did some work on the hands, and just go thru the proportions of the real David… and… well I have to say he is a weird person hehe, he is made to be seen in perspective so he is a little deform. so here are the new proportions, on the left and the old ones in the right, What do you all think???

ye to the eye i feel that the proportions on the right is better, the arms seems massive to the left, BUT I mean to be honest if u are looking for an exact replica of the sculpt there is bound to be some anatomical errors ( in the sculpt )

with massive i mean long

Yes I know!!! I recheck and recheck, and I will recheck again… but it is more or less like that… Don’t like it, we will see, I may go back a little just for my aesthetic pleasure, or… maybe not
Also I have to rework the forms of the arms, now that they are longer, so it may improve a little.

it’s a classic/Renaissance study!

Are you playing around with the proportions a bit. I can’t remember where I read it but I think the original statue was something like twelve heads Michelangelo took into account how people were going to view the statue so he played around with a lot of things, I don’t know if I measured completely right but your sculpt felt like 8.5 heads high.

And give the man his penis back he looks a bit like a ken doll at the moment.

joking aside good work as usual Tonatiuh

@addidi! yes hehe something like that! thanks for your coment!

@Tyrant! thanks! yes he did it in a way that when you look from below, you see in the perspective him with out the deformation of the distance, so he made him sorter, he is like less than 7 and 1/2 heads, but the arms are really long, and the legs a little sorter. I mesure him with this foto, with i think has been taken from far away, and at the same level.:

You can see he is deform!
but he was intend to be look like this:

So yes, if you see him the “right” way he is just so tall! at least 12 heads

But my art director Malhomsi give me permision to make him more realistic, so I’ll be going back to 7 and 1/2 heads, and normal size hands and arms.

Edit: I have a separate object for the penis, becouse I just hate to be censured… I think is sooo silly but I don’t make the rules, so, no penis… It seams that if it is the sculpture is ok, but if I made it is not okey in many places. the place were I upload the gif don’t let me have it even with out the penis! but I think In google fotos I may have more luck…

Quick render, A lot to fix… a lot…

Well well… a lot of work… Man… this is hard work… or it is that I’m a crappy sculptor… yes maibe.
I think I’m starting to get the expresion of the face, This description that Malhomsi give me, help me a lot:

“for me the expession is for something! so here is the story: David a young adolescent lost in his thoughts , and at a moment his see clear, he has to fight! I thing that michel angelo was trying to sculpt the expression in this moment! Anyway : the face in ur sculpt seem too manish i think … he is only 16 years old :)”

Anyhow… a lot to do, the face need a lot more work, also the hair I think is the next, becouse it gives him so much personality.

So what you all think?

So here we r ! i have the pleasure to work with Tona !
no need to say how talented and sweet person he is :slight_smile:
we r keeping the concept to ourselves for the moment :wink:
anyway even if Tona has the hard part ; i have work to do!
we r putting our knoledge all together to get the best result ! and u feedback is precious ( i mean it )
here is where i am for now !
see u later


Malhomsi! The pleasure is all mine! Great work! I’m loving it!
For me the hard is the hard surface modelling, keep it up!

Ok I’m back!!! early wip of course, making renders with some clasic light to see flaws.

Hello friends ,
here is where i got so far , modeling is almost done , materials r just place holders .
next step will be UV unwrappng , texturing … then rigging.
a lot to do on this project yet !
see u around.

Malhomsi! that is so damn sexy!!!

Wow, this Vespa is damn sexy.
For “just starting doing hard surdace modeling” this is pretty sweet.
All the works posted in this thread are very impressive, well done so far!

@strapazie; thank u man , we really appreciate ur words !

i was very proud and happy to see my last project on top raw ! my surprise was even greater cause thatt project was on the forum since may ! anyway what a pleasure !
our current project goes on slowly !! real life stuff…!
anyway even if i work slowly the progression is here !
here is a litlle render :slight_smile:


Looking great! Very clean and solid modelling.

Yes man! you are in top row! but anyway I knew you deserve it for a long time!
Thouse renders are just fantastic! you are a magician!

thank u man !