Collaborative WIP: David is out!

Here are some awsome renders that malhomsi did, I think they are greate to see flaws! so please give me your feedback on what I can improve, it will be greate if you do!
Anyhow I think we are getting close!

A beautiful sculpture!!! Very nice !)

So nice of you! Thanks!!!

i love the material and the dust in the cracks

Some work done to the face, I think I have the secondary forms almost done, (it is so hard for me to find the likeness) I have to finish the detail and the hair, but I’ll go first to finish the body.

YUMMY!!! Nice smoothness on the face, my man! Beautifully textured and lit aswell! This is turning out to be really impressive stuff! :smiley: (Hell yesss; Elvis emojy is back!! :RocknRoll::RocknRoll::RocknRoll: )
(Only thing that jumps into my eye is the wobbliness in the lines of his right ear especially when compared to how nice and clean his left ear turned out)

Hell yeah! It is awsome seen elvis back! Thank you, as alwais an honor!
About the ears, it maybe becouse of the light, becouse the are simetric, but I’ll investigate furder.

Hey Tonatiuh, your work is really stunning as usual, looking forward to where this whole project is gonna lead!
On a sidenote, just in case you missed it, there’s a recent article over on talking some vr-experience which is about showcasing a highres scan of David & stuff (plus it has a Blender screenshot :yes:).

greetings, Kologe

@Kologe! thank you for the nice words and thanks for the article! I’ll reed it with care.
How is your sculpting going on? Last time I checked you where doing great!

I’m working in the hand now:

Well I felt I needed to look at sth. different for a while, so I can get back at it sometime with fresh eyes.
Thus I’m currently sculpting sth. completeley else, nameley a humpback whale for some other (real weired/surreal weired) project.
It’s in an early state, nothing worth showing jet, and work tends to eat up my time lateley, so progress is slow…

Your hand looks nice so far, maybe lacking some volume in the palm/wrist-area, maybe it’s the perspective, I don’t know. Though you’re probably not finished with it yet, anyway.

greetings, Kologe

Hello everybody !
personal issues , and health condition kept me away from here since a while …
Tona is unfortunately very busy to keep up with us for now…
so i m sad to announce that this project is canceled ( at least for now).
i m taking for now some time to autocritiques my art, and my ways to approach it … rewieiwing the fundamentals , and rethinking my state of mind.
i found the the technical part is taking more and more the place of the more intuitive gestural part , and it bugs me …
for now i wont to go back to my pencil and papers , and just draw…
i wish to come back to Blender ( and 3d in general ) with a new way to do thing soon …
i lk keep looking with admiratiom to all ur projects here !
and Tona my friend , i hope to see u around soon.