I’m seeking collaborators to work on this current project Esoteric: Dark Hierarchy. The game is in development for over 3 months, you must have basic knowledge in Unreal Engine 4, especially in Blueprint, and must make a commitment to be dedicated and trustworthy.

In 1839, crimes occur in London such has not seen before; riddles, strange symbols and spheres are present at every crime scene. Inspector Jonathan Connor was assigned the difficult task to resolve the case surrounded by mystery. Trying to decipher the clues, he team-up with several philosophers, magicians and oracles. During the investigation, discovers a sinister plan that could bring the end of the world.


  • engaging third-person perspective
  • challenging puzzles and riddles
  • cinematic cutscenes
  • atmospheric gameplay

Everyone who will be part of this project to the end will receive a percentage from revenue, not to mention credits for their hard work.
If you’re passionate, confident and have the skills and talent to be part of the team, send a resume with the position you wish to apply:

  • 3d Artist
  • Environment Artist
  • Concept Artist
  • 3d Animator
  • Game designer
  • Writer
  • Programmer

To apply <b>[B][email protected]</b>[/B]