Collada and IK animation export (Constraint baking in 2.5)


I’m trying to export to collada, but it seems it doesn’t automaticaly convert the animation that is created by IK solvers into FK, thus bone rotation information. How can I solve this? I suppose I’d kinda need to bake the animation or something, but is there a way to do that?



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Thanks, will try as soon as I figure out how to use it :slight_smile:

run script, select mesh and press ‘bake animation’

Thank you, but can I use it on bones? I have multiple problems, one of them is that vue can’t read my .obj exports, so exporting as an animated mesh doesn’t work. However Collada exports work very well IF the animation is done with FK, but if it’s done by using IK it doesn’t work at all as the bones then have no rotation so the collada exporter doesn’t export the animation (the older one had the option to do just that, but the one included with 2.57 doesn’t, and the older doesn’t work for me for some reason even with 2.49). I thought this was some very simple problem that could be fixed very easily, but it seems to be impossible :(.

I think the bake action or the bake constraints script in 2.4 would do this, but I the collada exporter for 2.4 exports a 0byte file for me without any error message, while the 2.5 one works perfectly, but I can’t find those two in 2.5 :frowning: