COLLADA (.dae)

New to blender and that FILE => EXPORT => COLLADA (.dae) button intrigues me.

However – maybe I’m blind – but I can’t seem to find the script for this exporter in the \scripts\addons folder.

If anyone can hook me up with this script’s file name and folder location you’d make my day.


Running grep only yields some menu entries in ‘startup/bl_ui/’, but a quick Google found these:

But they all appear to be for 2.4x

er, here’s some 2.5 stuff, might be compiled as a plugin…

What are you actually wanting to know?

What are you actually wanting to know?

I’m trying to access a mesh’s textures (e.g., file names) and the UV coordinates for those textures. My attempts at finding this data via blender’s console weren’t too successful. Although I’m guessing its somewhere down[0].

Reason I was particularly interested in Blender’s COLLADA exporter script was because it appears to be accessing that specific data and I was gonna take a peek at the script to see how it was doing it. But… I guess its hard-coded into blender. :frowning:

There are other export ‘scripts’, look in preferences addons to see some which will be scripts.

Here’s an introduction to many aspects of the Blender API usage:

Both materials and textures are separate entities which are linked together with objects.

Thanks. That link you provided to some blender API texture code was just what I needed. It led me right to the answer I was seeking. :smiley:


filename =[?].materials[?].active_texture.image
uvcoords =[?].uv_textures[?].data[?].uv_raw