COLLADA Export fixed (Import unchanged buggy as hell)

I and Dimitri made fixes to the COLLADA export scripts.
(We totally didn’t touch anything of the import)
Just download the archive, and extract the content under: “.blender\scripts\bpymodules\colladaImEx”.

What got fixed:

  • Most important: The animation export is now basically fixed. There are still some problems, but it is a giant improvement.
    Remember: The current COLLADA export of Blender 2.5 is actually worse! - Whatever, they made there big improvements on the import.
  • Normal and displacement maps can now be exported too.

Go to the “Download” section, click the “Download” link.

Thank you!!!


I might be wrong, but it seems materials aren’t being exported properly, and the axis direction is incorrect. Where can I post bugs?

I’m very interested in your patch too because I have to work with Papervision, wich works with collada.
I’ve downloaded Blender 2.5 25240 built by Jensverwiebe on graphicall (OSX), which include OpenCollada. Is it the same patch? Thanks for your work.

I might be wrong, but it seems materials aren’t being exported properly, and the axis direction is incorrect. Where can I post bugs?

Describe your bug just on the site where I posted the link and bug / enhancement entry. There you must register first. Be aware that Blender uses maybe a different Axe system than your app. It is X right side, Y deep right-handed, Z Up.
The official COLLADA standard describes, that every Axe can be an up axe - this exporter uses the Z as up axe. Your app maybe doesn’t take that into accout.
Anway, there is actually a failure, in that with a Z-Up axis, the Y axe should be left-handed not right-handed. I didn’t fix that, since this bug exists right from the beginning and I’m already arranged with that.

This has nothing to do with the COLLADA 2.5 line exporter, that is completely new and will be far better, when finished. The animation export of the new exporter is now still far worse than this one (2.49b), with my patch included. Sorry - but you have to wait a 3/4 year before 2.5 will be finished and released as 2.6! It’s a major rewrite, already 2 years in development and still far less functional than 2.49b.

I just tried this new collada exporter script and I have to say it is a definite improvement over the default version they have. Its even better than the one they have in 2.5 (which is rather sad).

I am a flash developer that uses blender exported dae files in papervision3d. With the default version, the one complaint that I had with it was the fact that it could not export animated models at all, what so ever. I was hoping to find a solution to this problem by finding an updated script, and I came across this one. Although its way better, but I’m sorry to say that I still have problems using animated models in papervision3d. But, I want to thank you for your efforts on finding a better solution. :slight_smile:

The new 2nd Alpha of 2.5 now doesn’t make a huge mess of the exported collada files. So now I can use this program to make collada files for Papervison or Away3D within flash.

Awesome! But I haven’t tested it out with rigged animations of that sort, wonder if it works now.

Another patch:

Differs from the first one only in very small improved light exporting. It now takes into account if a point light has constant, linear or quadratic attenuation set.

I just hope they soon get the 2.56 exporter fixed, so that it can export also the results of modifiers into COLLADA files.