Collada Export Into Last Blender V-Ray Edition PC

Hi To all Can you help me to understand how to install the collada exporter into the last custom build v-ray blender ?
i would like to install the same collada exporter that is into the official 2.65 but i am not able to find the files
and i am also not able to install the v-ray plugin into the official release of blender,when i do the v-ray exporter installation procedure nothing happens to my blender …hope you can help

usefoul links

v-ray blender Exporter And custom build

Hi mattitaly, the collada exporter is hardcoded in C you cant copy it from on version to another.
I try the plugin in blender 2.66 RC without problems, follow the description on the page.

Extract folder from this archive and rename it to vb25, then move it to:

Cheers, mib.

hi mib tk you for answering me i have tried that but when blender starts up nothing happen

Hi, the setup is a little strange and not all setting are working but then …

I am on Linux Opensuse 12.2/64.
Cheers, mib.
EDIT: This file is working: