COLLADA exporter not working?

Hi, I’m trying to export my Blender file to a format that can store “bones” information, and I tried using the COLLADA exporter for this, since COLLADA is supposed to handle bones. I have a simple test skeleton hierarchy consisting of:

  • left shoulder
    – left arm
    -right shoulder
    –right arm
    -left hip
    –left leg
    -right hip
    –right leg

However, when I export, only something like this is available in the COLLADA file:
-left hip
–left leg

Is this a bug with the COLLADA exporter plugin, or has anyone else succeeded in exporting bones? If it is a bug, what other file format that Blender supports could I export to if I want the bones information to be included correctly? If it isn’t a bug, what settings did you use when you exported? Note, my scene consists of the default camera and light in blender, as well as 1 armature hierarchy and 1 mesh (mesh parented to the armature), and I selected both and exported with “triangles” and “use relative paths” and “only export selection”. When I exported without “only export selection”, the export failed - both when I tested as it was, and with deleting the camera and light.

As far as I know the Blender Collada exporter does not do armatures you would have better luck with the FBX or OGRE exporters.

Ok, thanks. But where can I find those exporters? And, are there any public descriptions of how to parse the info in those file formats?

Ok you are wanting to export from blender to what? As that will help in deciding what method to use.