Collada from Blender + Papervision3D + Actionscript + Flash ?

Hello,… ^^
has anyone ever used or done something with Flash + Actionscript + Papervision3D and also with Collada object which was exported from Blender?
I was already trying to make like this video tutorial
There is no mistake/error. But, I can’t see my model. Is it possible because the code can’t read or load my collada model? or how?
please help me…thanksssss before^^

Well three.js also supports natively .dae (collada) =)

Flash has native 3D, what is the benefit of using Papervision?

three.js? how to do that? :o

hmm, i dont really know what the benefit of papervision3D is…what i know,by using papervision3D we can get a cool interactive 3d model on web page. maybe do you have any Idea or suggest or anything how to make an interactive 3d model on web page?

thanks :smiley: :smiley:

see for example this tutorial: