Collada Import includes 2 origins?

I’m working in a 2D CAD software that can generate 3D renderings of folded up paper objects which can then be exported as Collada files. These objects look great and true to shape after importing but the individual parts appear to be attached to a second origin point. I’ve been looking up Bones and Rigging and everything I can think of that might explain this but I’m coming up short.

Deleting the second origin seems to delete whatever scaling and location constraints my original software has attached.

Is it possible to remove the connection and/or delete the extra origin point? Am I looking in the wrong direction?

I’ve attached my .DAE and my .Blend files for demonstration and troubleshooting.

Display File.DAE (1.0 MB)

Demo File.blend (1.8 MB)

Select the empty and apply rotation and scale (Ctrl+A to bring that menu), then delete the empty (if you don’t need).
These X,Y,Z scale values needs to be 1.

2.8, 2.9? Also pictures please.

Try your collada in another app too see if the exporter is your issue.

Thanks Filibis. I think I’ve worked through what I needed to solve.

I’ve been able to select, apply scale and rotate, and then delete the Empty but only in 2.79. I was not able to select the empty in 2.8b.

Then, I had to delete my duplicate objects so that only one named object existed before scale could be applied. I guess this a parent object?

After deleting the children, I then have to re-duplicate the parent in order to transform the individual piece with no association to the former and rebuild the display as desired.