Collada Import is buggy.

I have been working on this spaceship model in 3ds Max for the game engine in blender. It’s still a WIP (not textured, animated, etc.) but I thought I might try and get it into blender, to maybe try and unwrap the UV’s,

I’m using Max 9 and the new Collada exporter that came out a little while ago but when I export to Collada and import in blender everything gets all messed up. The Geometry is imported correctly however the indavidual objects are not imported in the right place. I tryed to change some of the propertys of the objects in 3ds Max (reset scale, rotation, postion, etc) however it seems as though that did not help.

I don’t know if it’s Max’s problem of if it’s blenders problem, I imported the same file back into 3ds Max and it seemed to work fine. My guess is there might be something wrong with the Collada importer in blender. It works fine the other way around however, excluding animation.

Anyone won’t to take a look? I can upload the file (it’s not done yet) if someone would like to try and fix it. Here it is, it’s a Collada file:


I just found a work around after messing around with the model in blender. If I tap the scale key the mesh will “fold” into it’s proper placment. odd? It also seems as though instenced objects have also been properly imported as instenced objects, I.E. I can work on one engine and all other engines will have the same changes done to them. I didn’t know blender supported instanced objects.

Smoothing groups didn’t seem to import porperly… to bad I don’t know how to apply the correct smoothing to a model in blender. I’m too used to the way 3ds Max dose it and never learned blenders way of smoothing things. Too bad there is no select by polygon angle tool in blender (let me know if there is).

It looks like everything is in the right place. An image would help.
>select by polygon angle tool
Select Linked Flat Faces Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F

^^ Sure.

From the image, the importer got it right on my end. (Collada 1.4)

Odd I wonder why it’s all messed up on my end.