Collada importer and exporter

I’m working on a COLLADA exporter for Blender. I just released the first public version (0.03) on sourceforge:

The script seems to only work on 2.37a (which comes bundled with Python 2.3)

The exporter outputs data according to the 1.3.1 specification of the collada schema. It features export of meshes, materials, uv, cameras and texture information. It also preserves the scene transforms and parenting through the scene element in the collada file.

This version 0.03 is still beta so there are some known logical bugs and other stuff to be corrected for next version.

I hope to get some feedback and input from the script. I learned python when I wrote this exporter so much can be improved.

Check the sourceforge project page for upcoming patches, releases and other information in the near future. :smiley:


Version 0.1 is now available through the source forge project site:

Some major changes since previous version:
+ Added support for Sun and Spot light types
+ Export of linked Blender objects only (removes unnecessary texture, material and image information found in version 0.03)
+ Complete and more accurate material export
+ Option to export baked transforms
+ Option to export selected object only
+ Additional COLLADA asset information
+ Progress bar

I would like to know from the Blender community if there is a demand for an COLLADA importer? This would mean (at least in theory) easier access to 3dsMAX and Maya data into Blender. If there is a higher demand for an importer instead of an better exporter then I can focus my work on the importer side.

An import probably wont be needed until blender 2.4, then everyone would want there models in blender to rig/animate ^_-. None of the less keep up the great work!

blendina collada … cool!

An importer would definitely be useful. It will earn you eternal fame in the Blender community :smiley: .

Sounds good since I started working on a importer yesterday! :smiley: And the work is going extremly well! Now, if I didn’t play to much Xbox (Who need 360 when you have Far Cry Instincts!) I would be able to write the import script in no time! :smiley:

I am hoping to support animation in export before christmas. Import is another issue but I will look at it and give it a try.

I have updated the project homepage @

You might want to wait on the animation stuff for at least a week or so on both import and export, since the API is being rewritten for the new armature code and will be mostly broken until the rewrite is done.


Version 0.2 is now out featuring both export and import for COLLADA 1.3.1 documents!

The importer features import of everthing the exporter can export. So the importer can import meshes, textures, materials, lights, cameras and scene objects information.

There is still no animation export of import since the API for that is going to be rewritten.

Some bad coding in the previous 0.1 release has been fixed and the exporter now exports data up to 30-40 times faster!! The previous memory-eating process which limited the export to about 20000 polygons is now gone and it should be no polygon limit for the exporter anymore.

Also for the exporter, the reported bugs have been fixed and the exporter is more stable overall.

I have tested with some scenes from Maya, exported to collada documents and then imported into Blender and everything seems to work.
I haven’t tested importing documents from other vendors but any valid collada 1.3.1 document should work with the blender importer.

Updates for project site. more documentation and a GUI for export and import options are planned for next release.


Happy Coding!
/Mikael :slight_smile:

The API should be usable now, you can use the api documentation posted by cambo in this forum.


This works with the 2.4 alpha version release or with the CVS build?

CVS build,



I guess I was premature in annoucning the api as usable - let me know if you still have any issues. Also ask on bf-python or - especially ascotan who did the api writing.


Version 0.4 is now out with support for export of animation on underformable objects. Transform and material IPO channels are supported. :slight_smile:

When using the bake transform options the exporter bakes transform channels into a transform matrix for each frame within the curves Xmin and XMax range.

There is also a minor fix in the importer that continues load the document even if the texture(s) does not exist.

This release was kind of early since I wanted it included in the upcoming Blender 2.41. Let me know of any bugs that might occur or if you need any particular feature. :slight_smile: