Collada Importer Fails

Hi All,

I have been trying out models from Google Warehouse and I find that many of them fail to import via the Collada importer 1.4.

Here is a link to a model that fails to import:

If the author could update this script, it would be great!:wink:

let me see…

the linked kmz(dae) file from:
is a little strange:

  • extreme large model: 400.000x300.000 units (to see in 3dwindow view clipping must be set manually)
  • there is massive amount of “double faces” in imported mesh - i.e. two faces share exact the same three vertices. Reason: SketchUp is working with double-normal-polygons, so you can define different textures/materials for each side of such polygon. Collada cant do that, so generates two polygons with opposite normals. A little annoying to edit this manually afterwards.

Reason for errors: there is a mesh object with more than 700! materials associated - Blender accepts only up to 16. Implemented temp solution: “every index bigger than 16 set to 16”.

I have modified collada script to support this situation. You can get updated “” from:

edit: let me know if other Google Warehouse models are working well with this script

I’ll give the a try, thanks for the quick reply.

The Paul Brown stadium seem to import ok, a little bit of a problem with the transparencies of the upper deck roof. But quite useable.