COLLADA support in Blender 2.5 (Windows)

Hi all,

I’ve uploaded a new build for those who are waiting for good COLLADA support. Last night I managed to build working binaries of the OpenCOLLADA library, and I must say, now even Sketchup files import!

See for more info.



Thanks for doing this work. I downloaded this Blender build, it runs OK on my XP machine. However I couldnt get any example Sketchup files from Google Warehouse to load.

Which version of *.skp files should it be compatible with ? Google Warehouse has several versions. Do I need to install or download any extra Collada library files ?


Ah, my bad. You need to download the COLLADA version of models. I was a bit sloppy in my wording. I meant COLLADA exports from Sketchup (hence Sketchup files). The third option is the option you need. Get the .zip, unpack and load the .dae


ps. I’ve updated my blog post to be a bit more precise on this.

That’s great news!

Is there any chance of the collada libraries being added to the source of blender like the ffmpeg stuff?

Personally I hope we won’t go that way, although it would ensure all platforms use the same libraries, their scons files are so different that. That’s why I’m not so eager of having it in extern/ - too much maintenance. It’s pretty easy to build the opencollada libraries from source for the *nix platforms (they have a scons-based build available, which I also used).

For Windows the necessary library and header files have naturally been added to lib/windows.


I would like to add that the free (and paid) version 7.1 of Sketchup can export COLLADA (.dae) files without problems.

Following instructions here on Building OpenCollada on linux i continue getting the following errors:

GeneratedSaxParser/src/GeneratedSaxParserExpatSaxParser.cpp:56: error: ‘fopen’ was not declared in this scope
GeneratedSaxParser/src/GeneratedSaxParserExpatSaxParser.cpp:59: error: ‘feof’ was not declared in this scope
GeneratedSaxParser/src/GeneratedSaxParserExpatSaxParser.cpp:61: error: ‘fread’ was not declared in this scope
GeneratedSaxParser/src/GeneratedSaxParserExpatSaxParser.cpp:65: error: ‘fclose’ was not declared in this scope
scons: *** [scons-build/GeneratedSaxParser/src/GeneratedSaxParserExpatSaxParser.o] Error 1
scons: building terminated because of errors.

This happens in Ubuntu Jaunty and Karmic with opencollada svn trunk 607 patched version.


Hmm, I used r641 to build, needed to patch only pcre-stuff, since it did some wrong windows related define checks. You also should use libxml as the XML_PARSER instead of expat.

I used


You may want to use libxmlnative though.


Thanks Nathan i’ll try that and let you know…

I’m back!! It all worked fine. Now I am stuck with blender not finding needed includes and libs when compiling DocumentExporter.cpp & DocumentImporter.cpp.
I copied all needed files in a dir OpenCollada containing lib and include dirs.
And I added
for scons
But no way to get them to be found.
Any sugestion to where to put files?


this is really great news! kudos dev. team and you nathan!

I see your point, but I’m concerned about the need for a patched version of open collada rather than “vanilla”…

Patches get out of date… if the changes to collada were accepted to the trunk of that project then no problem… but without that, what happens when updates to open collada break the patch?

Thanks for the Collada support - this will be very useful for me. However, it doesn’t seem to capture rotations - not for the camera at least. To test I made a few loc/rot keys on the camera, and exported to a .dae. I then tried to import it back in - but it had lost the rotations. I’m using win32 version.

Hopefully its not too tricky to fix.

Hi JesterKing,

Thank you for this AWESOME build :slight_smile:

It’s still doing that thing we talked about on IRC the other day - when I import daz characters from daz 3 (free) it imports diffuse maps but not the alphas - but other than that, it’s a nearly completely painless import of the poser/daz prefabs, VERY exciting :slight_smile:

Couple with this the fact that 2.5s internal renderer is ridiculously fast even with raytraced AO turned on, and I’m in Blender heaven :slight_smile: (I can even finally learn nodes now that I can use the internal renderer).

Would you like me to send you a test file with a daz character in it so you can see what I’m talking about?

My understanding of the r641 OpenCOLLADA status is that no patches should be necessary anymore for Linux or OSX. For Windows we have now prebuilt libs, so that isn’t an issue anymore.

If it looks like there will be big problems after all, then of course we’ll consider adding it to extern/ Your concerns are valid.

@stevecullum, thanks for the report. I’ll tell kazanbas this problem too

@Blenderer, I think that it’d be handy to have more test models, indeed. Even if it is the simplest scene that illustrates the problem, that would be great.


Is it possible to build collada support ourselves in windows?

As nathan mention’s in hes blog post here:

if your interested in a how-to, leave a comment on the blog, I did! :smiley:

I’ll write up an article on my development and build environment, and how I work on doing the builds I do.


Thank you very much!

Thank you!