collapse dupliverts

is there a way to collapse a duplivert? For example, say I have 3 boxes dupliverted from one box, but now I would like to alter them individually. There a way to make these boxes act like individual meshes again?

I notice that CTRL+SHIFT+A now prompts with “Apply deformation now only available in modifier buttons” but I see no button for it.


Ctrl-Shift-a does work, you just have the wrong object selected. If you select the parent and press Ctrl-Shift-a, you will be able to “Make dupli objects real”

hm, not working for me though. I attempted it on every duplivert in my scene just to be sure, all gave me the same prompt and didn’t perform the make real object operation

There is no button for it, just the shortcut.
This being said the new objects will all be instances of the original object. To edit their type datablock (the datablock that say that they are mesh, curve, metaball and so on) or their material for one would be editing it for all. To make them truly individuals, select all of them and hit the Ukey. Then chose what you want them to have on their own.


He said on tha parent. And the new objects are not ‘dupliverts’, this is the name of the function, they are instances of the child object (by opposition to copies)


Worked like a charm, thank you IamInnocent, just what I was looking for