Collapse Shapekey with Vgroups

A small auto-task script I wrote during a project I work on.
If you need to export shapekeys that have vertex groups to fbx. when you Import the fbx into another software, it would probably ignore the vertex groups in your shapekeys.
so the script will create the same shapekeys with the vertex groups applied and then delete the old ones.

For example I wanted to use blender to create the shapekeys for the facial of a character (animated in a different software), I found blender powerful for that since you can use sculpture tools and also symmetri works good. Then I had to duplicate each shapekey and use Left and Right vertex groups, in order to have a shapekey for each side.
When I imported the fbx back to another software it was ignoring the vertex groups and each shapekey was influencing both sides of the face.
So the script came handy in order to create new shapekeys that applied the left and right Vgroups without using the Vgroups anymore

right click and save as from my git