Collapsed mesh on render? how did I manage that?

On two meshes on my last project I managed to do something strange. In the 3d view/camera view they look fine, but once you render the mesh it flattens onto a 2d plain aligned to the camera. Then stays that way. Not sure what I did to get that to happen but it would be nice to know so I don’t do it again on accident. :smiley:

Attached are before and after images of what’s going on. along with the blend file.
Thanks in advance.
Blend File Download link

Before Render

After Render

To fix this you need to “apply” your multires. You never added any levels and it’s confusing the Mesh kernel.

thank you! I knew I did something silly to get this result.

It’s an odd bug. Might be worth everyone’s while if you submit this one to the bugtracker.

I’m glad someone figured this out, it was driving me nuts that I couldn’t.