Collapsing or combining verts without creating triangles

Hi guys

I have modeled this fork and have no idea how to finish the end.

I would love to have the curvature just continue without ending where all the verts of all the loop cuts are coming together.
If I collapse the verts, I create lots of triangles and this causes further problems especially with modifyers.

Maybe somebody has an idea.


Well then merge to quads:

wow your art is good that i like your art

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Thanks Okidoki.
How do you merge to quads? I only find the functions “at center, at Cursor or By Distance”.
On your picture it looks again like triangles would have been created or am I mistaken?

Hehe thanks. I guess I am not quite there yet but everything seems to start with a fork… or a Donut.

This is how I solved it so far

Tris to Quads (Alt-J)
For two tris just (F).
I just quaded the outer tris.

Awesome. Thanks again. it looks like this function merges several existing tris into quads.
Is there a chance to convert a single tri into a quad without merging?

??? a tri is a tri is a tri is a tri is a tri and not a quad ???

subdivide on edge

Thats an idea. But it would turn the adjacent quad into an ngon. But I guess you are right, a tri is a tri and not a quad.
Thanks a lot for your effort!