Collapsing softbody objects

I have a barrel i’m trying to animate, the problem is, when it hits the ground, it collapses, similar to what happens in this thread: and in this tutorial: I’ve tried everything I can think of, but nothing makes the object keep it’s original shape.

Any help would be appreciated, for an example of what I mean, here’s a little quicky animation I did to demonstrate:

it doesn’t seem like a barrel should be a softbody. you should set up rigid body dynamics. select the barrel, click on the little button with a face on it, make the barel an actor, dynamic, and rigidbody, then set the bounds as a convex hull. Now select the object that the barel is colliding with, make it an actor, give it a bounding box. Now click on the main menu that says game, then click on record game physics. Now press “p”. The barel should fall and bounce around, press escape when done. Now when you animate with alt A, the barrel will do what it did in the simulation. Presto. If you want a bit of jiggle after this, you can apply softbody but with a goal and don’t make it collide.

tell me if this helps, if not explain what you want to happen more clearly.

this helps greatly!

I’m still working out how to use blender, taking a class where we’re using it right now, so i’m doing a lot of stuff outside of class to make sure i’m ready.

You’re tips really helped a lot, but not completely :o

the object i’m making the barrel collide with is simply a plane with a raised “ridge”

I was attempting to have the barrel fall, hit the ridge, fall onto it’s side, and roll a bit.

having the plane set as a bounding box causes the barrel to fall into part of the ridge and sit flat, I noticed that having convex hull set on the plane with the ridge creates this invisible pyramid type surface around the plane, and causes the barrel to slide off on an invisible path (which is a great step up in progress, in my opinion). Otherwise, i’m stuck, i’ll keep messing around until I get it, and hopefully I explained what I wanted a bit more clearly ;].

Yay, I removed the bounds and viola, the barrel falls onto it and acts perfectly!

Thanks for all the help, I wouldn’t have gotten this far if it weren’t for your help.

Oh yeah, I’m wondering why I can’t see the barrel’s shadow on the object, I have a lightsource, maybe it’s something to do with the texture on my plane…I have it set to “shadeless” so that’s probably the reason, but if I don’t have it set, my plane has this shiny look which is bad since I want it to look rocky, hence my rocky texture on it…

To get rid of the shiny look, turn spec to 0.