Collapsing two or three objects/paths into a one single 2D path?

What is the optimal way of collapsing 3 objects/paths (1) into a one single 2D path with the same combined outline (2)?

I have tried ALM-M (edit-mode) but no result. Also SHIFT-ALT-F was tried but just produced a mess of faces with strange artefacts picking up when extruded.

Third I’ve made the same object from two circles connected vertice by vertice. This deliver the cleanest result.

But still: It would be very convenient for me if one could combine several flat 2D paths into one single preferably in curve mode like ie. Illustrator and Flash.

Does anyone have a suggestion? Have I missed an obvious procedure in Blender?

Kind regards,

You can select all the curves and press CTRL-J to join them into a single curve. But that is not a ‘smart’ join. You would still have to edit the curve to make it correct.

For simple shapes like you have displayed it is often easier to just re-draw them in the viewport. For complex shapes it may be better to edit them in an external program like inkscape or illustrator then export the final design as SVG file. You can then import the SVG file into Blender.

Thanks. I’ll use your advice about SVG-import in those cases. Kind regards, Mikael

I like Atom’s advice only imo it is much faster to join meshes, then use vertex snapping constrained on axis to join mesh vertices - redraw would be more work and inkscape is kind of slow to fire up. Again, snap moved vertices might introduce some imprecision, then cut at edge intersections would have been great tool to use. Is there one around yet?

For the example object, F with all vertices selected smartly skinned middle part (blender 2.63.2), i had to select circle points separately and F created faces for the rest. So Ctrl-J, 8 times G for 4 vertices F and C to select and finish the rest, no time at all.

If i think again, that smarty was likely me by not deleting double vertices after moved…So it turns out double vertices might be helpful on occasion:evilgrin:.

Thanks eppo. A cool and nice procedure. A very belayed but sincere thanks for your thorough and helpful comment. Kind regards, Mikael