Collar transformation constraint

Hello! I am trying to make collar bone to rotate when shoulder bone is rotateted to certain degree using transofrmation constraint. To avoid dependency cycle i parented shoulder bone to shoulder socket bone which parented to spine bone. To keep shoulder connected to collar bone i used copy location constraint for shoulder socket bone. Next i have added tranxformation constraint to collar bone to make it behaive like i want. It works but when i reset my hand bone with alt+g collar bone doesn’t reset. Like in screens:

How could it be fixed? Or I’m doing it wrong way? Here is my blend Collar.blend (709.3 KB)

Hey, Its just driver lag it appears - hit ‘G’ again and ‘Enter’, if that fixes it, its ‘Driver Lag’.

Yeah i’ve noticed that if i hit alt+g again it’s getting to it’s rest position. But why that? I never experienced such lags before…