Collecting suggestions of prefixes for Game Engine Resources

Hi all,

This thread is to collect ideas of thread prefixes for subform Game Engine Resources.

There are some suggestions from the poll already:

  • models static
  • characters
  • GOOD
  • BAD

(doubles removed)

I’m not sure if GOOD/BAD is a joke.

Here are some of my ideas:

Tutorial - focuses on one or more tutorials
Asset - provides assets (models, animations, sounds, textures, systems [e.g. inventory])
Template - provides ready to use start points to be customized

Tutorial, asset and template are great, but I’m not sure if a prefix is actually the right application for this. It should be a subforum to the resources, however, as I am sure that isn’t going to happen, this works too :slight_smile:

I think that [GOOD]/[BAD] would be a serious waste of time, because who on earth is going to post something bad in the first place? :wink:

Model/texture assets should be separate from script/function assets, so it should be divided into art assets and game assets (or a better name?).

Are you going to create another thread for Game Engine Support and Discussion prefixes? I think that those are important too.

[No new sub-forums]

I was thinking about a sort of logic prefix earlier.
But a code snippet by itself is not really useful. It always needs context -> .blend.

Art and game are pretty general descriptors. As this is the game engine forum, everything is game related. Everything is art too :). How to distinguish.

How would you mark a full working character that includes meshes, textures animations and logic? tags (which are already enabled) are better for this kind of classification. Just not that visible.

I was also going to suggest prefix like [AUDIO][GRAPHICS][PARTICLES][FPS][2D] but I realized these are actually more like tags and there is already tag system.

I think resources needs sub forums, and chat needs prefixes.


and sub forums need

gameplay mechanics






I don’t think every game should use something universal, but some sort of a template the pieces all work with would speed development
like my weapons manager but though planned and enacted by the community

we are talking about resource forums.

  • no new subforum suggestions
  • no chat
  • no bug reports
  • no feature requests

I will open a Prefix thread for the discussion forum soon.

Prefix: Filter/Shader is a good one.

Hmm yeah I suppose art and game are a bit general :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way, I think that aesthetic assets (i.e. objects/models, textures, sounds etc. – anything not to do with game play or functionality) should definitely have a different prefix. Lots of people want to find game models for bge, but only really manage to find scripts or templates.

Addon might be a good one.

How about:

Helper/Util/Tool - a resource that helps creating a game (but not necessary part of it)

Theory - anything Not directly bge related, but still useful for game development, eg: asset management, team management, effect decomposition…

Pie in sky idea:

  • Compatible blender version. Don’t ask me how this could be done though!

Actually would be really nice :slight_smile:

I don’t think that it is possible to cover every single aspect of a ressource in one single prefix.
A better way to solve this issue would be to add a new line underneath the thread title that contains a list of keywords.

^ This. Can we make the tags more visible and promote their usage?