Collection Manager Feedback

I think the cub icon does’t represent move to? I think there are way better icon for move.

Well, it’s not supposed to represent move to. It’s there to indicate which collections your selected objects are in, and to allow you to add or remove them from the collection.

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Add basic toggle children functionality.
Add Filter By Selected functionality. (10.7 KB)


Update! The Collection Manager has been accepted into the upcoming 2.82 release!

And here is a new version to test out.

Add isolation toggle highlighting.
Fix bugs associated with isolation toggle highlighting and Phantom mode.
Small cleanup of a missed print statement. (12.2 KB)


Fixed bug with toggle buttons broken after leaving Phantom Mode.
Fixed bug with rto history not being properly restored after leaving Phantom Mode. (12.3 KB)


Unless any major bugs are found, here is a zip of the version that will be in the official release of 2.82. :grin:

Bugs fixed/polish added since the last zip:
Fixed the popup window’s auto-sizing when it’s first opened.
Fixed an error when popping up info notices.
Simplified the remove operator.
Fixed a minor error regarding selection.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback/reported bugs. Now it’s on to 2.83. :slightly_smiling_face: (12.5 KB)


Updated the development task (T69577) to better suit ongoing development and keep track of planned and potential features.

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Update for 2.82:

Fixed tooltip for local render RTO.
Fixed bug with isolate/restore state when there is only one RTO to restore. (12.5 KB)

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New Feature: Nested Isolation – Ctrl-Shift-Click.
Integrated fixes from the 2.82 release branch.

This will be going into official blender 2.83+: (13.0 KB)

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Thank you for improving this addon! This is real helpful.
I’ve noticed that Shift+Click operation does not work properly when I click the “Exclude from View Layer” icon.


Thank you for improving this addon! This is real helpful.

Your welcome! Thank you for your interest and for including the gif, that really helps.
Now for your bug.

It’s actually not a bug, it’s a feature :stuck_out_tongue:
But I can see why you would think it was a bug. This is because of how blender handles RTOs. For every RTO except “Exclude from View Layer” if the parents aren’t visible the children aren’t visible, but for “Exclude from View Layer” as long as it’s checked, it’s visible (provided you haven’t disabled any of the other visibility RTOs for that collection). So for the isolation feature I do the best I can, “Exclude from View Layer” gets properly isolated, while ones like “Hide Collection” get isolated as much as possible i.e. their direct parents stay visible as well, but nothing else.

To verify what I’m saying add a monkey to the layer you’re isolating and try your test again (leave the cube where it is). “Exclude from View Layer” should show you just the monkey, while “Hide Collection” will show you both both the cube and the monkey.

Let me know if this is clear enough, or if I’ve misinterpreted your report.

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Thank you for the explanation.

No problem. :slight_smile:

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Small update here.
Added an isolate tree feature. This allows you to shift-click on an expansion operator (the little triangle) and it will collapse all other collections except for that collection, and its parents. It leaves the descendants unchanged. Expand/collapse all sublevels has been moved to ctrl-click. (13.2 KB)

To anyone wondering, I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted an update here, but I haven’t been idle. Something major will be added to master shortly. Those of you who have been following the development task (T69577) will know what I’m talking about.


the addon is fantastic! I want to ask if it’s possible to add a feature where you can expand or collapse the collection without sub-collection???



Not sure what you’re asking for here. Currently clicking on the little triangle expansion operator will just expand or collapse that collection. It will not touch the status of any other collections, so if none of the sub-collections are expanded it won’t expand them. However, if you have a whole tree expanded and you collapse the top collection and then expand it again the whole tree will collapse and then expand again. But I know that sometimes you want all children collapsed or expanded so if you Ctrl-click on the expansion operator (Shift-click if you’re using blender 2.82 and not 2.83) it will completely expand/collapse all sublevels (I’m hoping this is what you’re looking for).

Apologies if I’ve missed what you’re asking for.

Sorry about that, it’s better to show you a picture:

as you can see there is no subfolder, just objects… The main folder only contains these objects. I want to know if you can synchronize the collection manager to the outliner, where I can just expand or collapse without using subfolders.

is it possible or not? that’s what I would like to find out. Sorry to trouble you with this question.

No trouble. This is much clearer, thanks. There is no object support currently, but it’s tentatively planned. Unfortunately, I don’t think syncing the expansion status with the outliner is possible, but I’ll keep it in mind if I come across anything new.

Alright… good to know. I just tried the collection manager and i can tell it’s syncing with the outliner… it’s excellent. Of course I was testing to see if i can hide or unhide the main folder of my choice. so yeah that went well.

I’ll be looking forward to a day where I can use collection manager to expand/collapse the main folder and hide one of objects!

Good luck.

Thanks :slight_smile: