Collection Manager Feedback

Zip Update:

  • Fixed accidentally including the display options popover as a tab in the N-Panel.
  • Added the Collection Manager popup and QCD Move Widget to the Object->Collection menu.
  • Fixed an error when removing a collection that had a child that was already linked to the parent collection.
  • Added the Remove Empty Collections and Purge All Collections Without Objects operators to a specials menu in the Collection Manager popup.
  • Added a linear renumbering option to Renumber QCD Slots.
  • Added a constrain to branch option to Renumber QCD Slots.
  • Allowed all the options for Renumber QCD Slots to combine with each other.
  • Added an Apply Phantom Mode operator.
  • Prevented the ‘Expander’ operators from being added to the undo stack because they don’t undo properly and only add clutter.

These are the final new features that made it into blender 2.90 (it’s bug fixing only now), but I’ll continue working on new features, they’ll just be going towards 2.91, though.
Note: this makes no difference for anyone who downloads the zips, you can use them with any blender version, it only affects the daily builds. (36.6 KB)

I tested a while and answered on devorg, it is nice to see such improvements!

Sorry for delay with responses and testing - I am in the middle of the massive project, that we make for several years and now it is close to the finish. (I am glad that I managed to complete the video by this time, there were serious chances not to be in time)
It will take 1.5-2 months of permanent deadlines, so I may be unavailable at this time.

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No worries.

Yes, me too. It’s great!

Okay, well, I’ll just keep working at stuff. If you have time for the occasional test or comment, great. If not, don’t worry about it. Anyway, thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

@everyone_else, I guess this means you guys get to give most of the feedback now. :wink:

edit: forgot to say that I’ll miss your great in-depth feedback and good luck on your massive project, and please let me know how the project turns out (and send links if possible) :slight_smile:

Holdout & Indirect Only test: (37.9 KB)

Zip Update for 2.90:

  • Fixed the QCD Move Widget not being constrained by view bounds on appearance.
  • Fixed the QCD Move Widget not showing up in some cases when called from the Object->Collection menu.
  • Vastly improved the performance when there are a large number of selected objects.
  • Made the tooltip for the Apply Phantom Mode operator clearer. (36.8 KB)