Collection Manager Feedback

@xan2622 (and anyone else that may be affected by this issue)
You asked me in May to support the documentation button for blender versions older than 2.90 and I did, but unfortunately Blender has decided that addons included in official blender must not support older blender versions. I can maintain support for this in the addon zips I release here, but I thought it would be a good idea to see first if this is actually needed anymore.

So, does anyone still use this addon with a version of blender older than 2.90?

I use it with 2.83 but will move eventually to 2.90+.

I usually get the latest version of Blender as soon as it is released (I now use Blender 2.90.1)

Thanks for the replies @kkostovas and @xan2622.

Ah, okay.


Don’t know what I was thinking, since 2.83 is a LTS release of course it should still be supported if possible.


Yes it would be great. Personally I would understand if it was too much work to maintain both versions.
I would totally get if you made changes only to the 2.90+ and just kept support for any bugs without new features for LTS. I think it is acceptable.

Thank you.