Collection particle on top of another collection particle


is there a trick to use a collection of objects with a particle system that uses another collection?
I want to put leaves on different twigs, which should be emitted from bigger branches.
I know, that it is possible to use an object with simple hair particle as particles.
Here an example with simple objects: The icosphere has an particle system that use the objects of the collection level1. The first two of these use particles from the collection level2 which don’t show up on the icosphere. The third one with simple hairs works.

Sadly, not. You need to apply the first particle system to be able to use the second one.

You can have both at the same time, but only the original mesh from the collection will appear in the particle system.

Thank you for your answer.
That’s really sad, I was hoping, that there would be a trick to avoid the applying.

Well, the best would be to create some different versions of the first particle system before applying to have some variation. Sadly you need to apply them.