CollectionProperty and different types


i’m want to write a script where you can trigger actions and send osc messages from timeline markers, for instance: to start/stop videos in a parallel running bge instance.

What I need is a collection, which can hold different types of these actions I’m not sure how make it on the blender site. CollectionProperties can only hold one type. Is there a way to work with child classes and to “recast” them.

Here’s is what I’m looking for:

class ActionBaseClass()
class ActionVideoStart(ActionBaseClass)
class ActionVideoStop(ActionBaseClass)
class ActionObjectHide(ActionBaseClass)

and a Collection, which can store instances of these different types. The idea is to trigger these actions, when a animation reaches a timelinemarker.

Anyway not sure how to make it, maybe Collections are the wrong aproach.

Pointers are welcome.

Thank you.

A collection of pointer properties maybe?


…or python doesn’t care all that much so just duck punch the hell out of whatever you store in the collection.