Collections invisble in outliner

Working in 2.8 and take a bunch of objects and ctrl + g to group them or make them into a collection. Now I name the collection in the lower left area of the 3d view. Now where does that collection go, not in the outliner to select like the other collections, just appears in the objects properties panel. I would think that all collections should appear in outliner. Used to be the groups would show up in there in 2.7 and one click and the whole group would be selected. Any ideas, or is 2.8 collections a work in progress? yet… any good tutorials suggested for collections appreciated. thanks

I have not used CTRL-G since 2.79, but I just tried it and yes, it behaves as you describe. I have been using the M-key (move) and choosing “New Collection.” This has the behavior you are looking for - creates a new Collection in the Outliner. Perhaps the CTRL-G is for making groups of objects located in different Collections? The drop down in the Object Properties:Collections tab lets you choose the members of the “group.” And, yes, everything in Blender is a work in progress.

The “groups” (for now, at least) aren’t supposed to appear in the outliner. They’re created not linked to any view layer. Idea being that, like old 2.7x groups, you’d use them for instancing, while “normal” collections linked to a view layer you’d also use for scene organization (i.e. what used to be layers).