College and Working

I’ve been in college since January 10th, 2022. I am currently finishing up my Autumn 2022 semester right now, and I am going to be taking four classes this spring with 12/13 credits. I’ve been also thinking about wanting to get a part-time job, because I need some money. I don’t want to be living with my father forever, and having a source of income would help me.

I am also working on a fictional universe I created, and a local author has been helping me with giving me advice. I’ve also been spending time learning how to draw, study the DMV driver’s manual, do chores, take care of my pets, and do other things I like. I would like to how many credits I could take before it gets hard to do things I like, and other important things.

You can do a lot more than you think you can, especially in college :wink: I took 12 credits every semester for six years, worked between 1 and 4 part-time jobs per semester (yes, you read that right, I worked four jobs at a time at one point), and put multiple hours into Blender each day. I also put a lot of time and energy into dating. Did I sleep enough? No. Do I recommend emulating my path? Not really. I just mean to say that a part-time job + working on a fictional universe + 12 credits is really not as much as you think. Currently, I’m working full-time and I still put multiple hours a day into Blender. It really boils down to finding how much you personally can fit into a day, and then being strict with your time so you do fit all that into a day.

How much you can do in a day is different from how much I can do in a day, or how much anyone else can do in a day. You don’t want to burn yourself out, but don’t be afraid to push yourself a little- you’re capable of more than you’d imagine :slight_smile:

The author I am in touch with, Charles Tabb, assigns me to work on either editing my manuscript or something else related to my universe. Right now, he wants me to write about my characters’ backgrounds.

I also have pet mice, which I have to take care of. Though cleaning out their tank isn’t hard, it takes quite a bit of time. I also have five sisters, three of which still live with me. It gets hard to keep studying when they come home from school and produce huge amounts of cacophony.

I do best at college when it’s just me at the house, because that’s when it’s the most peaceful and quiet. However, I’m not the fastest at doing chores, especially washing dishes and cleaning out my mice’s tank.

I might have started working on a fictional universe 10 years ago and still haven’t written a sentence on it. But I have the idea in my brain all the time… Too much pain to spend time actually putting the plan together but eventually I have to do it. :upside_down_face: