College News

Good News everybody!
I just heard from Savannah College of Art and Design, and not only did I get in but I also got a 18,000 dollar per year scholarship(72,000). I should be hearing from Ringling and SVA soon, I will keep you posted.


Awesome news! Congratulations.:smiley:

oh my, that sounds fantastic, what a gift !!

good luck with your education :slight_smile:

wow great stuff, thats a lot of money.

show us your portfolio…


Best of luck with your studies but what I don’t get is:
18,000 dollar per year scholarship(72,000) I mean here in Belgium its like 550$ you have to pay per year for higher education and that like full price and like lots of student’s get it for less (like 70$ I think) . Do you need that kind of money to pay your inscription or do you really need it to buy all sorts of stuff you need to design…

Cheers and again good luck

Don’t forget that OUR government doesn’t spend millions on war (“the war on terrorism”, as some refer to it.), Snelle Eddy (you a Chris Van Den Durpel fan?)
Anyway, I don’t know if an education in art is funded in America. Is it?
Anyway, give it your best shot at that college :wink:

how much is this college per year, shard? congrats man, make us proud!

Jesus christ that’s a LOT of money, congratulations man.

I still haven’t applied haha. My college’s deadline is Feb 2 and they don’t start looking at applications until then. My GPA is 4.6 and my SAT is 2060 (1460 on the old one) so I’m not too worried.

snelleeddy & Charlesworth999:
It costs more here because our county is thouroughly capitalistic.
That means we pay a lot for college, but then we don’t get taxes up our ass.
As a libertarian, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Well how about here, where you pay heaps for education, the government pays even more for you, the universities make a massive amount of money, then they tax you like a Mo-fo once you get a job which pays bugger all compared to international…


Wait Alltaken, I thought you had indicated that New Zealand’s government was like some sort of perfect promised land?

are you being serious?? uhhh do you go to school on kind of a uhh short bus, or is it normal, are the kids in your class, uhh not so smart, or, uhh is it a normal kind of school, uhh on your bus do the kids wear styrofoam helmets so they dont bang there head against the wall, or are they normal, uhh, just tring to figure out if your gpa is and sat are real scores or just high scores they gave you at “your school” so you can have “confidence” and not feel so ashamed because you pooped in your pants and because you have to wear a styrofoam helmet on the bus…

if its a real score thats some very impressive stuff dude, we think your great…dont poop your pants!

back on topic,
hey shart thats great news, at your age you might not realize how decent this is, but this is something really great and the older you get and realize how much money this is you will be even more greatful, congratulations this is HUGE NEWS!!

Fabulous news. I will also be applying to SCAD and Ringling, so maybe we will end up in the same class!

Apparently I am also eligible for that scholarship you mentioned, just got a letter today.

Valarking, they are a perfect promiseland… just the university charges more than they need, coz they are taking advantage of the great government who wishes to help all.



Our school has a bunch of smart kids because they kick out anyone with less than a 2.0 every year.
I’m 30th out of 330 in my class.

oh. my. god. i love your school. that is so not “no child left behind.” my school is stuck with, well, the kind of kids Super Wu-Man described (used full name out of respect). anyway, nice work Shard, 18,000 a year sounds pretty good. now, will that cover tuition, room and board, and eating expenses?

Congrats indeed. Good luck with it.


Sorry for the late reply, I was out of town. Thanks for all the replies everyone. SCAD costs about 32,000 a year including room and board.

Awesome, be sure to let me know where you end up going.

I will get around to uploading my portfolio soon when I stop being lazy about it, it has a bunch of my blender work in it.